while i was away - what happened & why i deleted all my blog posts

September 27, 2018

so, i don't know if anyone has noticed, but i was on hiatus for the past three months. before, i was a pretty active blogger - i posted two or three times every week and read a lot of books. many of you have probably wondered about my sudden disappearance from the blogiverse.


these three months i've been thinking a lot - about reading, book blogging, and life in general. i was disappointed in myself - my academic results last year were far from satisfactory and i want to study medicine in uni, which requires near perfect grades.


but why? i asked myself. why did i get such bad grades? was i not working hard enough? the answer, i realized, was no, i was not working hard enough. i seldom did revision. i always handed in assignments a few days after the deadline. i was a bad student. *cue the gasp*


and that is one of the reasons why i stopped book blogging for a while. because i had more important things to focus on.

so what happened when i was away from the blog?


i went on a 28-day trip to australia with my classmates from mid july to early august. this programme is called the "rites of passage", and it's a school tradition - every year ninth grade students go on a phone-less trip to queensland for four weeks. many of them have told me how fun it was, but i had no idea what to expect. a month without technology? that sounded terrible to me. 


but, oh my goodness - it was such an amazing and unique experience. without my phone, i spent more time interacting with my groupmates and had a great time with them. we also had cabin inspections every morning - my roomies and i would stuff all our trash under the poster beds and arrange our suitcases in neat rows. one day we even got the golden broom - a prize awarded to the tidiest cabin :D


the australian nightsky was just gorgeous, and we all spent a lot of time together sitting on the grass and soaking up the sun. we also painted boomerangs and it was so fun! i'll probably write another post on this trip later, so stay tuned. (i also posted some pictures on twitter so go check those out :D) also, to dave and zahirah - if you're reading this right now, i hope you know that i'm thinking of you. i miss you and mary valley every day. thank you for making my rites of passage experience so amazing and unforgettable, and giving me support whenever i need it.

after my australia trip, i visited phuket, thailand with my family. the food was great, and i had a fantastic time. for the first few days we stayed in the patong beach area and did some shopping. we also tried thai massage (which was really, really relaxing! but i was kind of uncomfortable because i had to receive the treatment in the nude :P) and took pictures with some really cute and energetic tigers <3 for the last few days we stayed in a resort villa in the laguna area. we had a private swimming pool and my sister and i spent all day in the pool. my shoulders got sunburned afterwards, and it was kind of painful, but definitely worth it! on our last day we went to a zipline park and watched fantasea, which is a thai culture show. the elephants on stage were super adorable uwu and the stage effects were really impressive.

i opened a studygram (+ studytube) and a sticker shop! i actually joined the studygram community quite a while ago but i reached 1k followers just before i left for australia and i was so surprised because i never thought my studygram would attract such a large amount of attention - i just wanted to create an account to motivate my lazy ass self :D when i came back from australia i officially launched my very own etsy sticker shop and i'm so proud of myself! every time i receive an order or print a new batch of stickers i feel so happy and excited (´・ω・`) (oh by the way you can go buy my stickers at www.etsy.com/shop/littlehanastore go show me and my products some support and love!)

you still haven't answered our question - why did you delete all of your previous blog posts?


so, the thing is - i didn't delete them. i archived them, because i am not satisfied with them. maybe one day, i will reveal them to the world once again. but that day is not today. definitely not today.


i realized 90% of my posts are blog tour posts - some of those books were read in a rush because i signed up for so many blog tours and i have to finish reading the books before the scheduled blog tour dates. once i even signed up for two blog tours on the same day. it was really stressful and i reviewed those books in a hurry. those reviews were short, filled with silly gifs, and of very low quality. i couldn't bear to look at them anymore, so i decided to hide them from the world for the time being.


also, i realized i didn't want to be a blogger who only blogs about books anymore. there are so many things that i want to tell the world about, things that i've considered blogging about - traveling, fashion, art and youtube videos. i will still be blogging about books most of the time, but when i feel like it, i will blog about other things as well.

so that's pretty much it. what have you guys been up to while i was away? let me know in the comments.


love, kisses and alpaca hugs,



"sometimes it takes a painful experience to make us change our ways."

- proverbs 20:30

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