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about me

hello, fellow dudes and dudettes. i'm chloe, a 15-year-old bibliophile from hong kong.


i have an unhealthy obsession with books, overalls and coconut milk. i'm also a total sucker for animals and have got a spoiled miniature poodle at home called coffee.


i started blushing bibliophile in 2017. here, i write book reviews, do book tags, host blog tours and also scream about books with my friends. reading has always been one of my favorite things to do, and i wish to share my love of books with all of you :)


oh, and a few facts about me...


- i hate hate hate HATE the taste of coffee! (i have no idea why I named my dog coffee?) i think it smells really good though.


- i love traveling. santorini, crete and cinque terre are at the top of my to-wander list.

- i'm a slytherin / gryffindor (old / new pottermore). i still proudly consider myself a slytherin though (because the sorting hat is never wrong the first time).

- and... just to clarify, i'm overemotional and i fail at being sarcastic sometimes.


book ratings

★★★★ - loved it very very much!!!
★★★ - it was a good story but i didn't like the writing style / the characters annoyed me a lot!
★★ - meh, it was okay. not my cup of tea though.
★ - i almost fell asleep reading this book! almost DNF - i probably continued reading just out of curiosity about how bad the ending was going to be. alternative use: emergency toilet paper.

all time favs

six of crows by leigh bardugo

harry potter and the philosopher's stone by jk rowling

wonder by rj palicio

ace of shades by amanda foody

warcross by marie lu

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