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i've always been an artsy girl. as a kid I loved scribbling everywhere, even on the walls (needless to say my mom was not happy about that). when i began blogging on blushing bibliophile, i started learning more about blog design. people always comment on how aesthetic my blog is, and a little thought popped into my head...


people actually like my designs. /(o^o)\


so i have some good news for y'all! i am now open to blog and graphic design requests! i will be giving your blog a makeover for free :D All I ask for, in exchange for my services, is an honest testimonial and credit on your site (header, footer, anywhere is fine, as long as it is visible). thank you so much <3


if you would like me to help you design graphics for your blog, please fill in the form below or email me at please include what colors you would like your designs to be and what you want me to design (eg. button, blog header) in your email / message. i am looking forward to working with you!





"Oh my gosh. I am completely in love with my new blog design! Right from the beginning, Chloe was very professional and helpful. First she worked with me to pick out a color palette and all new fonts for my blog. Then, once all the decisions were finalized, she took what I said and completely redesigned my website! The header and button she designed were perfect for my blog and turned out even better than I expected. And to top it off, Chloe even guided me on how she designs the photos she attaches to each blog post, which was super-helpful to me as a fairly novice blogger.


But by far, the best part of this was that she did this all for free. I know blog designers who aren’t nearly as good as her that can charge up to the hundreds, and I really appreciate her taking her own time to do this for me with little-to-no-compensation. This saved me so much time and effort, and I’ll never be able to thank her enough for everything she has done!


Overall, I would one-hundred percent recommend Chloe to all bloggers (new and experienced) who are looking to have a super-cute and very aesthetic blog, and I sincerely hope that I will be able to work again with her in the future!"


- julie @ belle's book blog


"Words cannot describe how much I love my new blog designs by Chloe!  From our first correspondence, she was so helpful by suggesting a new layout format that instantly gave my site a refreshing aesthetic.  Then, with just my input of a color scheme and picking of fonts, she created lovely, gorgeous designs that were absolutely perfect for my blog!  I was blown away with her creativity.  She is so talented and a joy to work with. 


I highly recommend Chloe to all in need of design services.  Whether it be blog or graphic design, I have no doubt that she will provide services beyond your expectations!"


- angel @ whimsical owl nlog


Thank you so much

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